Serious Play, Serious Jobs

The Serious Play Conference at Digipen Institute of Technology, a leading game institute is right around the corner.  2b3d Studios in collaboration with the Serious Games Association will be producing the conference.  Our intent, leverage the expanding market of serious games and turn it into serious jobs.

Serious play is simple.  The mission is to use gaming technology, gaming techniques and gaming mechanics to create learning.  By serious, we mean the outcome is serious.  You play the game, and you improve a skill.  You play a game, and you do your job better.  Maybe serious play makes you a better sales rep by simulating customer interactions that you role played in a serious game.  Maybe you’re a more informed field nurse because you have practiced setting up a mobile health unit in rural location in a virtual world.  Maybe you’re a more strategic business decision maker because you’ve been running a wine business with several other people in your daily serious game.  Whatever your profession, serious games and serious play are designed specifically to improve your performance and possible create serious jobs — some of those virtual, where you commute to your 3D space rather than down the freeway across town.

What we are doing this year in the Serious Play Conference has not been done before.  We are bringing together the industries across the board – whether you’re in the business of architecture, finance, human resources, education, or health care, you are using gaming technology to impact your business.

Using gaming to create more interactivity and more immersion is the brass ring.  If you can get people collaborating together in a place where they are focusing on solving a problem, you have increased your interactivity.  If you use high level graphics that look like the environment they work in, you have more immersion.  If you use rewards, recognition and points, you increase the motivational factors.  The technology lends itself to adding more play to learning, and more rapid development for working.

Serious play is controversial in the work place.  But we want to change that, and make it a strong component of the work place.  So we are reaching out to various groups in industry, government and education who have accomplished three tasks:  a) assessed the technology and related it to relevant business objectives; b) created something in the technology that can be used and measured; c) evaluated the technology that they created based on their objects to determine if it is hitting the goals.  We are doing that to bring hard core expertise to the table to help you take advantage of this technology.

In advancing serious play, one has to take a serious approach to it.  You must understand the theory driving the significance of this emerging trend.  You must actively create something meaningful in it.  You must test it against your objectives.  This is a serious game of cutting costs, increasing productivity and being ahead of your competition.

As the web evolves into a 3D environment, and incorporates the physical world, you can think of ingenious ways to make that happen in your organization.  We believe if you focus on serious play, you can end up with some serious jobs.


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