The Virtual World Boom is Happening

Mary Meeker recently put out an outstanding report on the future of the Internet.  She calls it her Eyepopper.  And, I refer to it, because it is influencing how Serious Play or Serious Gaming is really booming.

Why does this data mean that the Virtual World Boom is Happening?  First, virtual worlds means: you are immersed in data, all of the time.  You are virtually in the network, working, thinking.

Ms. Meeker makes four points:

  • Internet growth remains robust while rapid mobile adoption is still in its early stages.
  • Re-imagination of nearly everything is the trend in every walk of live.
  • The economy is full of mixed trends with negative bias.
  • USA, Inc, there is a lot to be excited about, and a lot of worry in certain areas.

So, is it excitement for virtual worlds, or something to be worried about?

Ms. Meeker tells us there are 2.3B global internet users with an 8% growth, driven by emerging markets.  That means that distance is a key driver in re-imagining things.

We are global, we cooperate globally, and work globally.  Working globally means creating new spaces to work in that allows us to feel present, allows us to see each other and each other’s surroundings.

Sounds like a dream for virtual worlds innovation.

Add that there are 1.1B global mobile 3G subscribers with 37% growth, and you realize that virtual worlds must be designed for technologies that are “on the move”.

If users are global, and they are using SmartPhones, and they want to be immersed in the content, in the experience, they are on-line and ready.

But,  Screen Size is Important for Virtual Worlds

So, with what we know so far, we have the ubiquity factor fairly complete.  There are a lot of people using technology, immersed in a virtual world already.  The screen size is fairly small for the enriching, engagement experience that we know as virtual world interaction.  So let’s look at another factor indicating where we can leverage a boom in virtual world design and development.

The surge in the iPad is a strong indicator that our interest lies in having more than one immersive technology.  The screen needs to be bigger to experience more visual input, and to include highly interactive, gestured based experiences.

The proof is in Ms. Meeker’s data.

More to come on what the implication of this is.

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