Welcoming Teen Grid Organizations to the Main Grid

The great organizations that have contributed so much work to their Teen Grid builds will be able to work on the Main Grid now uninterrupted.

I have to give snaps to Linden Lab for understanding just exactly how dependent the end user, the consumer, the educator, the military member, the business owner has become on your platform. Your support for their continuation is honored, and you’re about ready to see another explosion of innovation and solutions that you weren’t even thinking about. These populations are adding value to the Second Life platform in ways that will define the platform, and define the uses of virtual worlds even more than the last six years. A lot of human effort has gone into self expression and group community and offering services over the Internet in 3D is a game changer.

I applaud Linden Lab’s decision, and feel even more confident that this technology is going to be the tipping point for experiential learning, experiential marketing, and next generation interaction. What I want to see is an application like LinkedIn or FaceBook mixing with Virtual Worlds like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

There are content generation virtual worlds, game based virtual worlds, enterprise virtual worlds, browser based virtual worlds, and each one of these categories serves a part of the population who venture into the world of 3D. Social networking is a requirement for these worlds, and making 3D a requirement for social networking I believe is the next big goal.

We have a long way to go before we see the correct business models, the awesome pedagogical models, but we have a solid platform in Second Life, Blue Mars, ProtonMedia, 3DXplorers, Teleplace, Reaction Grid, Unity and on and on to allow a level of human experimentation that is not only evolutionary in computing, but darn right fun.

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