We do not want war!

Just read “Microsoft Readies For War with New Small Business Division For Cloud Push” on Read Write Cloud. Here we go again, Microsoft versus Google on a new service for the Internet community.

Who is going to provide the finest Cloud based service? Who is going to provide the best Cloud based applications?

The virtual world running Linden Lab Second Life could certainly tell both of those companies how to serve up cloud applications, afterall they’ve been doing it for nearly seven years. And, they’ve served up a user content generation environment that enables anyone to build a 3D marketplace, and use Google Apps, or Microsoft Office Live in place.

My recommendation to accelerate the operational use of these environments is to stop warring, and start partnering. There is so much software, so many services, such saturation that the user world is growing very fatigued of all the choices and differences – when there really isn’t any difference.

What we’d like to see is a solid virtual world that enables us to access content through secure interfaces, share and interact in 3D places that provide meaning to the user and business value for the company.

Whether we end up using Teleplace, Protosphere, Unisfair, Blue Mars, Second Life isn’t what is going to make up our minds as virtual world decision makers. What is going to make a difference is integration, seamless integration that allows us to work without concern if this feature is going to work.

Think of the Internet as a Builder’s Emporium, a HomeDepot if you will. Think of it as a place where users go and get the products they need to build the houses and buildings they want to run an international small business anywhere they want in the virtual world of the Internet.

Make your products good, the nails strong, the wood pure, the tools precise. And we’ll build new jobs for you.

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