2b3d Wins four Telly Awards

2b3d announces winning 3 Bronze Telly Awards for Use of Animation, Use of Graphics, Visual Effects and 1 Silver Telly Award in the Category of Sales and Marketing for their work on Club One Island. Club One Island is a set of four islands dedicated to providing a healthy environment for residents who are following the Habit Changer program. This program is sponsored and taught by Club One Fitness on our islands to help people lose weight. In a recent study, we blogged about how users are loosing more weight in the in-world experience than those who are following the program in the physical Club One location. The use of good graphics, animations, and visual effects combine to create a realistic world in which the participants gain a sense of living together and working together to achieve their personal goals. The textures, graphics, and programming for this island are designed by 2b3d’s award winning designers and developers. The atmosphere is tropical, the sense of activity is immediate, and the live events draw people to the program in a way that indicates a long future is at hand for this award winning concept.

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One Response to “2b3d Wins four Telly Awards”

  1. lose weight expert Says:

    very nice art:)

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