Alternate Reality Graduation

One of my students, well 2010 graduates, captured our 2010 Certificate in Virtual Worlds program at the University of Washington in a mixed reality machinima. As a consultant in virtual worlds for 2b3d, I round out my expertise by keeping involved with the University of Washington as a half time lecturer in the iSchool and leading the curriculum and instruction in virtual worlds. Having one foot in academia and the other in industry allows me to be neutral in my platform choice, and grounded in theoretical research for how virtual worlds work as information systems.

Well, the pay off of course is the student talents that emerge. For example, Valibrarian, appropriately named for adding “Val”ue to virtual world explorations, the future of libraries and commencement speeches as student speaker, demonstrates the integration of graduating from her home office with her virtual graduation. She pulls her hair back, dons her graduation cap to get into the role, and turns on the camera to poke a hole into the internet into her home and watch graduation.  With her family in attendance, and every device turned on around her, she brings you right into a place in our graduation in Second Life and you are there with the class sharing our experience.  Her family in attendance, she participates in the ceremony directly. You can see her there in real person manipulating her controls, her avatar, and her experience. Your experience.

With her pan in and pan out of her school mates, she captures the unique spirit everyone is simultaneously enjoying. She blends the iPhone with the Laptop, with a big screen and video of her watching her avatar in a virtual worlds. It seems so out of body experience watching it on a YouTube video.

There certainly is a revolution happening right in the very home of the individual learner. When you ask the question 2b3d or not 2b3d, the answer is really why not. If you can go to school, spend one entire year with a group of people all over the world, meet in a singular location that is your home base, create an entire sim with a partner like the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories called Cybersecurity island, and get your 3 part video – showing Cybersecurity Island, Club One and a Public PTSD Consultation island shown at a White House Briefing, you know that you have changed the outcomes of the world. Way to go class of 2010, and way to go 2b3d.

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