2b3d and Club One Hit a Home Run

Below you’ll see Club One’s Press release. So, now we’re getting it on. 2b3d has framed a concept with Club One that is easy to relate to. All of us want to lose weight. All of us want to do it in a way that is purposeful. We can start a diet, but that is us versus the refrigerator. You can join a gym, but that is us versus the elliptical machine. You can join a website, but that is us and a lonely flat 2D experience with words and maybe some IM’ing back and forth.

However, when you add the element of a support group with whom you meet on line all of the time, you change up who is working with you. Club One has put together a team of experts to work with you. First, they use one of their award winning programs: the Habit Changer  knowing full well they have a winner. They add avatars, appearance, an apartment, a group to work with. And what a group. links to experts in nutrition, experts in psychological behavioral change, experts in movement, experts in support, and experts in virtual worlds.

This program, Club One Island will be the catalyst that changes up what virtual worlds are all about.

Read about it in the following press release. And enjoy learning what it’s like to partner with 2b3d and a winner!

Press Release Here:
Club One Island Unveils Behavior Change Program for America’s Obesity Epidemic – Virtual World Participants Lost Up to 20 Pounds in Three Months
SAN FRANCISCO & BOSTON –(Business Wire)–

Sitting in front of a computer is now a serious way to improve one’s health. Today, Club One Island, a virtual health world, unveiled early weight loss program results at the Games for Health Conference in Boston. More than one third of U.S. adults, or 72 million people, and 16 percent of U.S. children are obese and obesity-related health care costs totaled an estimated $117 billion in 2000 (Source (News – Alert): Center for Disease Control). Club One Island (www.cluboneisland.com) is a professionally structured program built in a virtual world to reshape the approach with America’s obesity crisis. The early conclusion from pilot program results is that a behavior change program based entirely in a virtual world can generate greater weight loss results than a similar program based in the physical world. Club One Island participants lost an average of more than eight pounds in 12 weeks.

Program Participants and Results

The 60 pilot-program participants for Club One Island were U.S. adults (age 20-70+) with a body mass index (BMI) of 35.17 as measured by health professionals, while the control group had a BMI of 35.70 (note: a person with a BMI of 30 is considered obese according to the CDC). The control group’s program had all the components of the virtual world program, including exercise, nutrition, behavior change and a support group, but just in a different environment. The average weight loss results from the program after 12 weeks and four one-hour sessions per week:

* Club One Island (Virtual World): Loss of 8.08 lbs, 3.88 percent body fat and 1.98 inches from waist
* Control Group (Physical World): Loss of 5.98 lbs, 3.63 percent body fat and 1.92 inches from waist

The participants also completed a survey to determine the impact of Club One Island on whether or not the program worked for them and how it impacted their personal lives. Below are the combined percentages of Somewht Agree, Agree and Strongly Agree:

* Optimism: 100 percent – I have a greater sense of optimism about managing my weight.
* Control: 100 percent – I feel a greater sense of control.
* Worked Better: 80 percent – The program worked better for me than other things I have tried.
* Communication: 76 percent – I am better able to communicate my needs to my family.
* Positive Change: 71 percent – I have noticed positive change in my relationships.

The Behavior Change Program on Club One Island

Virtual world training is already successful in multiple industries and is currently used to improve skills and increase knowledge for doctors, pilots, soldiers, students and more. Club One Island incorporates:

* Avatar Association: Studies have shown that the body follows the mind and that people incorporate the behavior they see from their avatars on-screen.
* Cognitive Behavioral Theory: Activities and interactions on Club One Island center on reframing how people think about weight loss. Instructors discuss how to change self-talk from negative to positive, instill and acquire positive habits, and identify and overcome individual barriers to personal health.
* Gaming: Club One Island is a fun destination that offers activities that exceed the limits of a physical world. The virtual environment integrates guided play, discovery, point/reward systems and themed rooms that address key issues, such as the Room of Doom. In this room, people are encouraged to combat their emotion-driven eating with a virtual hammer that smashes junk food.
* Social Networking and Community: Club One Island is a thriving community of people who share similar health challenges and goals. The open and supportive environment offers opportunities to make connections with other participants, create their own profiles and journals, as well as customize their own apartments.

“Club One Island is a new approach to health that encourages individuals and organizations to rethink how we deal with obesity issues in this country,” said Celeste DeVaneaux, Creative Director of Club One Island. “Program participants are very pleased with their weight loss results and we believe that there are tremendous implications for companies, health insurance providers, and governments looking to reduce the burden of health care costs and improve the lives of entire populations.”

Club One, one of the premier fitness club networks in California, created Club One Island as part of its ongoing commitment to change behaviors, improve health and save lives. Club One Island is currently based in Second Life. Phase Two of the program is currently underway and those results will be released later this year.

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