What’s on the Horizon for 2b3d

2b3d is working its buns off! The phone won’t stop ringing, the 3D learning cap has come off of the top of the bottle and its oozing innovation. First off the SL Viewer 2.0 promises have aligned with 2b3d’s predictions all along – soon we’d have an environment in which the user does not have to the leave the context of the world to get information.

Enough already building environments that require people to go from Photoshop to JPEGs, to upload, texture changing, open contents folder, plop in a URL reference, save it, and bam, you’ve got a URL reference that opens up a Media Browser. Instead, click on a prim, open up the texture tab, and choose the URL with the Media button, and you have web on a prim.

So, what about that innovation. Well, it’s all about context and now we can focus on it, rather than concerning ourselves with content development. So, look for 2b3d busting out this year. Look for:

* Total engagement gaming interfaces for retail

* In world behavior modification programs with health coaches, nutrition coaches, and support groups.

* Experiences of soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Technology showcases dedicated to using the Microsoft platform to help enterprises achieve profitable growth.

* Access to private 3D training places, where in resident experts provide access to increased knowledge

* And, of course, there’s Randy’s Virtual World Certificate courses offering through the University of Washington.

It’s getting exciting.


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