Certificate in Virtual Worlds at the University of Washington

One of the places that 2b3d spends their time is at the University of Washington. Randy and Janice have put together a full year curriculum to skill up entrepreneurs in using virtual worlds. Once you get through this program, you’ll be able to select and use 3D learning environments, design and develop 3D learning environments, measure and market 3D learning environments. You’ll live in the Virtual World BioDome with all the students from previous years, the speakers, the cognescenti of virtual worlds, and soon the faculty from the iSchool, the cybersecurity community, and the virtual legal community. Check it out.

Learn to use simulated environments to enhance all types of organizations, including online communities, education, retailing, political expression and military training. As technologies develop, Virtual Worlds become more sophisticated, more common and people spend more time in them. Position yourself to be part of this emerging movement that has become a reality beyond just gaming. Your education will be hands-on and practical; you will learn exclusively in a simulated environment.

What the Program Covers

  • Platform selection and use
  • World design and creation
  • Human interactivity and metrics
  • Integration with business systems or databases
  • Effective evaluation of Virtual Worlds


You will learn to navigate, build and evaluate Virtual Worlds, and develop their practical, applied, and business potential.

Who Should Apply

Level: All Experience Levels

  • Programmers
  • Graphic designers
  • Game developers
  • Communications specialists
  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs

2 Responses to “Certificate in Virtual Worlds at the University of Washington”

  1. Karl Kapp Says:

    I think I might know of a good textbook for the program. 🙂

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