Welcome to 2b3d 3D Learning Blog Time

Welcome to 2b3d 3D Learning Blog Tour

Welcome to the 3D Learning Blog Stop at 2b3d. We’re proud to host the Blog Tour for this amazing book. There has never been an event like this before, and it is showing a new way of marketing and community that incorporates the virtual world and the textual world of blogging.

3D virtual learning is about the experience. When you take your first class in a virtual world, you wonder, what is this technology? How do I move around? What do I do first? The instructions may seem like they are obvious to the designer and the developer, but do you remember the first time you landed in an airport that was in a different city? Do you remember the first time you took a subway? It isn’t easy to interpret all of the 3D images. But, if you sit down for a second, take it all in, and turn on your wayfinding instincts, you’ll start to move around with your arrow keys and you’ll start figuring it all out. You have to figure out how to move your camera, since virtual worlds always give you the ability to look around and discover. Then, you’ll have to figure out how to communicate, talk to your teacher, your peers, and groups that you’ll unlikely be participating with in the virtual world experience. Well, like all first timers, relax, enjoy and get ready to learn in a new way.

We’ve been using 3D technologies to teach and learn. We teach at the University of Washington every Thursday night; and, we’ve been doing that for over a year and a half. We have taught Cisco, the DoD, Ernst and Young, Club One Fitness, NextIt, it goes on and on. And, we’ve developed the culture for using this environment so that it produces competencies and skills both in virtual worlds and in the expertise of the instruction. Come aboard, let’s chat. We’ve got lots of experience, and we’re willing to share it with you. It’s not about the database, it’s about the human race.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to 2b3d 3D Learning Blog Time”

  1. Karl Kapp Says:


    Thanks for being a stop on the tour and for your wonderful contributions to the book. Great analogy for 3D worlds and arriving at a new city. As someone who travels a bit, new airports take some getting used to. You know that they all have certain things, security, places to eat, departure/arrival boards, it is all a matter of orienting myself to the environment. You are right, virtual worlds are the same. Once a person has a general idea of what to do in these environments, navigating them becomes almost second nature.

    I think the best advice in your post is to “relax and enjoy.” I remember when we had to teach people that a blue, underlined word in a browser meant that it was a link and it opened another window and that sometimes that window was behind the first window and you had to minimize the window. Those days of teaching basic internet navigation are over because everyone knows it. 3D virtual immersive environments will, one day, be seen in the same way. Everyone will just know how to do it, at least if the web learning curve is any prediction.

    Finally, again thanks for all your great pioneering work in this space and your willingness to freely share it in the book. You’ve added so much to the book and to the space!

    • 2b3d Says:

      It is the vector that binds us Karl. I’m expecting that, on the other hand, people won’t be able to relax and enjoy, because this technology will and is disruptive. Do we need to all attend the same university? Or can we build centrifugal universities that share the best faculty, experience, and accreditation. I’m anticipating even more innovators coming into the field and delivering expertise and assuring performance competency through the vivid use of 3D technology.

  2. wadatripp Says:

    Randy and Janice,

    Thanks so much for being part of our blog tour. I echo Karl’s thanks for your wonderful contributions to the book and for allowing me the opportunity to work with and learn from you on a few of the engagements you cite in your post.

    I also loved your 2010 blog post. Here’s to this being the year that the rest of the world “commits to the obvious.”

    Hoping our paths cross again soon, physically or virtually ; )

    • 2b3d Says:

      Well, you called it the breakout year about a year ago, and it seems like the break out year to us. Cisco continues to flourish in virtual worlds, the applications for medical/clinical use seem to have found ground, the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds wants more industry panels, IBM goes rouge in design, health clubs like Club One are offering their coaches, nutritionists and programs to Second Life users as a new portal into the health club, the University of Washington moves their program up a notch and into the iSchool so graduates can participate, the intelligence community is all a flurry with how are we going to deal with 3D objects and security, the students are all getting employed, the telephones are ringing, books are being published, more virtual world platforms are posturing, and 3D Learning becomes an adult. Thanks guys. You are the catalysts.

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