Future Predictions of 2010

1. Build, build, build. There is an enormous amount of creative building going on in virtual worlds that extend beyond conferencing and meeting places.

2. People, people, people. The intelligence of the mentor is moving onto the virtual hypergrid and expertise is becoming available as an enormous bank.

3. Sell, sell, sell. Mentorship by the moment is a microtransction and very valuable in the right time, in the right place. Products in context become clickables in virtual worlds, and you’ll build your own home and choose Furnish It!

4. Relationships, relationships, relationships. Therapists, family reunions, coaches, trainers, counselors, anyone who offers services in an office will offer services in virtual worlds.

5. Trust, trust, trust. Building trust in the workplace, around the cooler and in dynamic social spaces will dominate and define whom to work with.

6. Learn, learn, learn. Practically everyone who teaches something that requires a lecture will teach it in a virtual world.

7. Measure, measure, measure. If you want to make sure it’s working, you’ll figure out how to use the software to measure the teaching and learning experience. This can be procedural if you want to watch a task being completed accurately and rapidly; or it can be process oriented, so you can watch how ideas were analyzed, synthesized and recreated into new knowledge assets.

8. Fame, fame, fame. Avatars are going to arise as personalities and celebrities.

9. Mobile, mobile, mobile. You must be able to reach your virtual world, your mirrored world from anywhere, not just sitting down at your PC.

10. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. The happiest people of all will be the software, hardware and broadband companies, because virtual worlds demand an upgrade to every piece of technology that you’re using. The new surfaces are coming!

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3 Responses to “Future Predictions of 2010”

  1. wadatripp Says:

    Love this Randy. You are the master of top ten lists ; )
    Thanks for being part of our blog tour. We need to touch base sometime soon.

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