2b3d arrives into the Blogosphere!

2b3d or not 2b3d that is the question?

2b3d is an enabler of virtual world opportunities and has come to play in the blogosphere. We have one burning desire at 2b3d – to make virtual worlds a technology that will simplify our lives and let us have more fun doing it.  If it does that, we all succeed.

2b3d is a breakaway company in virtual worlds and is positioned to take you along that path in the most friendly and precise way. We specialize in creating and living in worlds that tell stories, engage avatars, and create compelling engagement to motivate and captivate you and your collaborators.

We’re all about the doing here, not just the being here.

2b3d wants you to do something with your time that is productive, fun, and stimulating. While visiting and occupying worlds, we encourage you to link together social networks, intellectual contributions and digital lifestyles. We embrace connecting to the company database. But, it’s not just about the database, it’s about the human race. And we want to connect you and all your collaborators together in a way that reduces all the noise of information management.

We are dedicated to expanding virtual worlds further by combining entertainment, learning and business in a world rich with communities of practice, mentors, measurement and humor.

2b3d’s clients and their clients spend time in virtual world meetings collaborating on product design, sales and support. They capitalize their assets by sharing their expertise, building their own virtual spaces while learning from each other, doing business and getting comfortable in their avatar skins. They visualize worlds that look like their familiar surrounds. And the adventuresome visualize nanoworlds, where they live inside their  products in a new visual way. It’s not about the just the electrons anymore, it’s about the physics of objects, the chemistry of interaction, and the biology of adaptation that you can explore in virtual worlds that looks a lot different from your office and water cooler.

2b3d differentiates by collaborating with everyone dedicated to making virtual worlds the best solution that technology has to offer. We know virtual worlds are an integrative technology that combines wikis, blogs, social networking, front and back office, databases, programming, interactivity, connectivity to physical machines through sensors and potentially through biodata. We believe virtual worlds are an “aggregator” technology that helps you bring it all together — the physical world, the 2D world and the 3D virtual world.

It’s not about the revolution, it’s about the evolution of the technology. We say leverage what you do well now, and introduce the technology in meaningful ways that help you grow. Keep using trusted ways, trusted resources, and trusted partnership. Add a 3D interface, interactivity and metrics and make it easier to see and act with meaning.

2b3d are friends of many groups, movements, research organizations, conferences, visionaries and seers. We know it’s not just about the theory of this environment, but about the practice and the rapid feedback you can get from nurturing professional communities. It’s all about the experiential design, how you engage, explore and activate the mind and the relationship.

2b3d is about reducing the carbon footprint, leaving our cars in our garages and building the metaverse to be the place where we build the knowledge economy. We are strong supporters in asking why drive into work to sit in front of a computer and meet other people in conference rooms. We ask why keep building large edifices that are empty at night and consume energy to keep the lights and air conditioning on. We challenge the amount of productivity you can get done while sitting in the familiar setting of home and working in a mirrored world of  offices, manufacturing plants and cities. We know its not just about the application of technology, but the integration in your lifestyle.

2b3d’s Bottom Line: A virtual world is made for experience, interactivity, fun and partnerships. And we’re here to prove that by working with all the virtual communities and emerging platforms to achieve singularity of purpose – advancing our culture with technology and achieving a shared consciousness of practice and improvement.

2b3d wants users to be habituated to the environment because it is their work place and entertainment space of the future. If they are inspired, it is their work place, their school, and their creative place already.

We want the value chain to be competent and certified for providing value. And we want market confidence, security, trust and relationships abounding in this environment. In our experience and research we have found ten enablers that make this technology worth taking a hard look at.  Not every virtual world possesses these enablers, but they provide a strong and compelling argument for discussing various platforms.

1) User content generation – enables everyone

2) Embedded IP in all objects – enables value system

3) Transaction system based on a currency exchange – enables business

4) Programmability of objects – enables functionality

5) Free access to an ‘open-source’ client – enables access

6) Interoperability across the grid – enables sharing

7) Web integration – enables leverage of Internet assets

8) Communication connectivity – enables international communication

9) Security – enables trust

10) Owned personal space and trusted shared space – enables community

We’ve been thinking about this transformation for 30 years, and building toward it as as business professionals, academicians, and transformers of change. 2b3d wants to get it right for everyone in order to share the possibilities. We want this experience to have a scientific base in human computer interfaces, psychology, sociology, information, and business productivity. So we are tightly connected to the university as well as the research world and the business world.

2b3d brings together a senior team of designers, business professionals, cognitive scientists, econometricians, gamers, and renowned advisors to acculturate your company into the 3D Web. We focus on creating an identity, a brand, a reputation, and a facility of use that is as natural as working in the physical worlds of our major cities, but without the stress, carbon fumes, and throng.

We look to extend the technology and the habits through the global community to enhance experience, to build trust, ensure loyalty and enhance communication. But, it’s just not about globalization, it’s also about localization – making localized worlds from diverse international places. That is something you can only do in a virtual world.

So my point is – Dip a toe, then jump headlong, and become 3D. You don’t want to be saying, “I should have made this investment two years ago”.

2b3d or not 2b3d, that is the question and 2b3d is the answer.

That is our story, and we’re sticking to it. We hope to see you prosper along the way. And we’re proud to be entering into the blogosphere to share our journey with you.

Ran Hinrichs

Managing Partner, 2b3d

Affiliate Faculty, iSchool, Virtual Worlds, University of Washington

September 15, 2009

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